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This blog’s primary purpose is to inspire and motivate, we talk, live and breathe inspiration! This is done through simply telling inspiring stories of success and human triumph in all of life’s varied and vast arena’s. We not only celebrate stories of young and experienced individuals, that have changed or influenced the political, economical, cultural or social landscape of our country, but even those that, through sheer motivation and will, have triumphed over their personal circumstances to achieve their goals and dreams.
Living Inspiration takes seriously the need for people to live inspired and inspiring lives. While acknowledging the fact that motivation is important, we do not promote fads underpinned by popular culture and far-fetched ideas. But, we want our readership to be exposed to practical ways of achieving fulfilling lives of inspiration and success – basically having something positive to take away from every story that you read on this blog page.

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  1. June 30, 2012 12:52 am

    I am fascinated and impressed by and strive always to improve my creativity with words, eventhough most of what I have written are news articles, a significant level of creativity is required.

    My dream is to become a very influencial social commentator and writer, hence, I am in the process of acumulating as much information as possible. Eventually I believe that we can bring about revolutions to the world, through effecting change in our own little corners of the world. Social commentory should be about emancipating and edifying minds, so that we create a knowledgeable society that is better equiped to overcome social, political and economical challenges.

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