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This blog primarily seeks to look at the lived experiences and the legacies that shape the lives of the majority of young adults (eighteen to thirty-something) in South Africa.The author believes that prosperity for young black South Africans lies in this group’s ability to introspect and analyse factors that shape it psychologically, physically, demographically, sociologically, culturally and politically. This is based on the premise that knowledge of self will lead to self-mastery: an important ingredient to emancipate oneself and be empowered in every sense of the word.

Through this blog, important information will be shared in every significant aspect that affects the lives and progress of black youth. Success and achievements of this section of our country will also be highlighted and celebrated – being young and black in South Africa is not synonymous to poverty, disease, despondency and powerlessness.

Living Life While a Young Black Adult in South Africa sensitises readers to the, often ignored, diversity that exists among black young adults in the country in terms of the various socio-economic, socio-political and socio-cultural strata they occupy.

It is also the author’s hope that this blog can contribute to forging empathy between black and nonblack South Africans, through an in-depth understanding of what shapes the largest section of our country’s population. Furthermore, this is a platform for South Africans to meet and engage on issues that significantly affect our social cohesion.

This blog site does not advocate any sort of extremism

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  1. June 30, 2012 12:52 am

    I am fascinated and impressed by and strive always to improve my creativity with words, eventhough most of what I have written are news articles, a significant level of creativity is required.

    My dream is to become a very influencial social commentator and writer, hence, I am in the process of acumulating as much information as possible. Eventually I believe that we can bring about revolutions to the world, through effecting change in our own little corners of the world. Social commentory should be about emancipating and edifying minds, so that we create a knowledgeable society that is better equiped to overcome social, political and economical challenges.

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